Strokes of Healing, Artfully Inspired

With Mavendoer, every masterpiece is a piece of you.

Mavendoer blends murals and mental health, using graffiti for self-expression and healing. Our community approach invites you to paint your pain and spray your way to a colourful future.

Our Service Suite

Art Therapy

Art therapy, summed up by ‘Art to Emote!’ is like a breath of fresh air for your emotions. It helps you let go of stress, calm your nerves, and find your centre, all through the simple act of creating. Step into the world of art and find your way to inner peace and balance.

Art Jamming

Art jamming blends creativity with camaraderie, transforming team bonding into a canvas of colours and collaboration. This creative escape boosts productivity and refreshes the spirit, making it the perfect palette for recreation and innovative thinking.

Why Maven Art?

Explore art with well-curated curriculums, workshops, and programs led by our top in-house art therapists. Our sessions are personalised for individuals, couples, groups, corporates, and schools, providing everyone with a nurturing and meaningful artistic experience.



Art Therapy involves using creative methods like painting, drawing, and sculpting to help individuals express themselves and cope with stress, emotions, and trauma. It is facilitated by professional art therapists who guide participants through the process.

Art Jamming is a more casual and social form of artistic expression, often used for relaxation and fun. Unlike Art Therapy, which is therapeutic and guided by a therapist, Art Jamming is typically unstructured, allowing participants the freedom to create independently or as part of a group without therapeutic intervention.

Anyone can benefit from Art Therapy, regardless of age or artistic skill. It is particularly beneficial for those dealing with emotional, psychological, or mental health issues, as it provides a non-verbal outlet for expressing feelings that might be difficult to articulate.

No, Art Jamming is open to participants of all skill levels. The focus is on the process of creation and enjoyment rather than the outcome. It’s a great way to unwind and explore creativity without any pressure.

Yes, both Art Therapy and Art Jamming can be customised to suit the needs of various groups, including corporate teams, educational institutions, and private events. These sessions foster team bonding, enhance communication, and provide a relaxing break from routine tasks.